SCRYER (Ground Control Software)

The scryer ground control software offers a user-friendly, point-and-click interface. Developed by Drone Aerospace System for their autopilot DASAP series, scryer runs on a linux computer or laptop.

Scryer allows the operator to monitor the autopilot, change waypoints, upload new flight plans, initiate holding patterns, and adjust feedback loop gains all while the UAV is flying.


Scryer allows user to access critical information in real time.

  • Current sensor values are displayed in an easy-to-read format, warning and danger levels can be set for each parameters.
  • The graphs sensor-specific variations over time.
  • The traceroute displays sensor data variations along the UAV’s flight path.

Data from the autopilot is also recorded for post-flight analysis.

  • User configurable payload buttons and sliders initiate holding patterns and control servos.
  • Supports multiple laptop screen resolutions
  • Features can be enabled or disabled according to the application and user requirements.
User Friendly

Scryer is specifically designed for ease of use: point-and-click waypoint editor/mission planner.

  • Mission simulator for testing.
  • User-definable units(imperial or metric)
  • User-friendly ergonomic layout; large map area.
  • Ext

Scryer is a proven, capable, and effective tool that provides:

  • In-flight mission reprogramming
  • In-flight gain adjustment
  • Multiple UAV profiles
  • Communication options support a wide range of radio modems
  • User-definable holding patterns
  • Target altitude and speed can be changed during flight

The combination of the DAS Autopilot and scryer speeds your development time and gets your UAV off the ground quickly and with minimum isk. Together, the das autopilot and scryer give you UAV the capability it needs to exceed your expectations.

Operating System


Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / 64-bit

Graphics Hardware

Graphics card with DirectX 9 support (shader model 2.0). Any card made since 2004 should work

Hard Drive

2 GB of free space


Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 at 2.4 GHz


TCP/IPv4 network stack


Recommended RAM: 4GB or more

Screen Resolution

Minimum supported screen resolution: 1024×768