The highly integrated DAS autopilot is small and light, yet powerful. Sacrificing nothing for its compact, weight-saving design, the DAS Autopilot integrates all flight sensors, communication and payload interface into a neat, elegant package.

  • DASAPS V3 can fly multi-rotor, fixed-wing, helicopter, Transition VTOL.
  • 210 DMIPS RISC processor accommodates current needs and tomorrows requirements.
  • Fully integrated with Redundant 3-axis gyros/ accelerometers, GPS, pressure altimeter, pressure airspeed sensors, all on a single circuit board.
  • Extensive data logging and telemetry collects the data you need.
  • Powerful command set.
  • Hover at or fly through waypoints.
  • Includes Scryer ground control software at additional cost.
  • Features include extensive input/output, high speed servos and onboard data logging.
  • Expandable avionics architecture enables a wide range of integrated payloads and sensors.

Servos & Mixing

servo update rate 50 – 400 Hz
separate servo and main battery power supply Yes
separate voltage monitor for main and servo battery power supplies Yes
integrated RC override Yes
extra ADC channels Yes

Physical Characteristics

weight (including GPS receiver, gyros, and sensors) 9 grams
power (including GPS receiver, gyros, all sensors and GPS antenna) 140 mA @ 5V
supply Voltage (volts) 4.2 – 32V
size – length (mm) 40.0 mm
size – width (mm) 35.0 mm
size – height (mm) 15 mm
software upgradable in the field Yes


GPS update rate 10Hz
move servo at waypoint Yes
change altitude at waypoint Yes
change airspeed at waypoint Yes
user definable holding patterns Yes
user definable error handlers (loss of GPS, low battery etc.) Yes
RPV and UAV modes Yes
supports DGPS accuracy Yes
waypoints 1000

Ground Control Station

Scryer ground control software included with system Yes
ground control station developer’s kit No
gains can be adjusted in-flight Yes
change waypoints in-flight Yes
payload servos controlled from ground station Yes
fly in RC mode via datalink (both stabilized and normal) Yes
point-and-click waypoint editor Yes

Telemetry, Datalog

telemetry update rate 5Hz – 10Hz
datalog update rate 5Hz


altimeter maximum altitude 200ft
2g, 3 axis accelerometers Yes
maximum angular rate 2000° per second
attitude update rate 50/100/200/400 Hz